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What is BTW number


And there is also a BSN number and an RSIN number ... It will not take long to get confused, especially if the abbreviations do not say anything to our foreign ear.

Here we will tell you in detail what a BTW number is and how it differs from other numbers.

BTW number or BTW identification number is a unique tax number of a company (BV) or individual entrepreneur (EMZ). You get it when you register with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). This number is required by the tax office for VAT calculations.

The BTW number must be indicated on your invoices so that customers can verify it. Also, you must check the BTW number of your partners, otherwise you will not be able to refund the VAT paid on the purchase of goods or services. You can CHECK BTW number HERE.

An example of a Dutch BTW number and what it consists of:


BTW number has a fixed structure. The above example has the following components:

  • NL: country code (Netherlands)
  • 001234567: RSIN / Tax Number or Citizen Registration Number (BSN)
  • B01: additional 3 positions (B01 to B99)

The first part can also contain the code of another EU member state (BE for Belgium, DE for Germany).

In the second part, the RSIN / tax number is indicated for legal entities or partnerships, and for an individual entrepreneur (EMZ), the BSN (citizen registration number) is indicated.

The third part indicates whether this is the first, second or some other company in the account (B01, B02, etc.).

How many characters are in the BTW number?

In BTW number 14 is a sign. If it turns out to be shorter, then the required number of zeros are added after the country code. This can happen if the RSIN / Tax Number or Citizen Registration Number has fewer characters.

Difference from other rooms

In order not to get confused in the set of numbers that we have to deal with, let's figure out how they differ.

BSN– Citizen registration number

Everyone who is registered in the Netherlands in the BRP database receives a citizen registration / service number or BSN (Burgerservicenummer). In the past, this was a social security number. On this number you do all the official things, the migration service asks for it, it is needed to register for studies or driving courses.

This number is also unique, and is retained by the citizen, even when he left the country. It differs from the BTW number in that it is associated with a private person, and not with a business.

RSIN / tax number

The abbreviation RSIN (RechtspersonenenSamenwerkingsverbanden) is actually the identification number of a legal entity or partnership. This is the number for legal entities and partnerships.

This used to be a tax number. This old name is sometimes still used today.

You can also hear such a combination as an identification number VAT

It's just another name for the BTW number.

How to check BTW number?

You can check the BTW number of a customer from an EU member state HERE.

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