Our prices for 2023

Nalog.nl provides services to legal entities and individuals, citizens of the Netherlands and foreigners living in the country. You can order from us both a one-time service to solve a specific issue, and complex support - a subscription. Our multilingual team is ready to advise you orally (online) or in writing on tax, legal, accounting and migration issues. Service rates can be found below.

from € 120 Opening of private enterprise
from € 1500 Opening a legal entity
from € 145 Advice on tax, legal, accounting and migration issues
from €80/month Accounting service subscription
from € 85 Tax return for individuals
from € 65 Request for subsidies
from € 80 Communication with government authorities
Specialist cost:
€100/hour Administrator job
€135/hour The job of an accountant
€160/hour The work of an accountant-auditor
€170/hour The work of a tax consultant
€180/hour The work of a lawyer


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