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Latest news

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There is no need to declare Dutch financial assistance in Ukraine!

The first live broadcast of Svetlana Koshek on her personal YouTube channel

April 2 — the last day of the campaign for the return of the cost of the declaration

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The European Parliament called Russia a state sponsor of terrorism

"New rules for social assistance and accommodation" - now everything is clear!

The European Union imposed a ban on the maintenance of crypto-wallets of Russians

Temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU extended until March 4, 2024

IND resumes sticking stickers to Ukrainians

The cost of visas for Russians will increase from 35 to 80 euros

More than 300 million euros for classes for Ukrainian students

Ukrainian men were allowed to travel abroad on business trips

EU countries promise Ukraine more money and weapons

Field reception of employees of the Consulate of Ukraine in the Netherlands

A visa regime has been in effect between Ukraine and Russia for a month

The municipality of Utrecht is trying to provide refugees with social housing

Nalog.nl was visited by guests from the Embassy of Ukraine

Russian conscripts and deserters cannot yet count on the status of...

The Ukrainian delegation calls for the cooperation of the municipalities of the Netherlands...

Finland and Sweden join NATO

Europe will extend the Ukrainian driver's license

New compensation scheme for medical services for Ukrainian refugees

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Residents of Ukraine affected by the Russian attack can receive from 5 ...

Departure from Ukraine for children under 16

How to change the hryvnia?

Employment of Ukrainians without special permission extended

The Embassy of the Netherlands returns to Kyiv

Leefgeld for Ukrainians

Embassy of the Netherlands returns to Ukraine

How can a Ukrainian refugee open a bank account and use accounts...

In major cities of the Netherlands, Ukrainians are not fined for wrong pa...

The possibility of leaving Ukraine on an internal passport has been extended

Ukrainian refugees in the EU will be able to exchange hryvnia cash at a favorable rate...

Dutch government plans to help refugees from Ukraine

It has become easier for Ukrainians to dominate the work

Vіdpovіdі іn the most important nutrition of the bіzhentsіv from Ukraine. Part 3. VIDEO

Special status for refugees from Ukraine: updated by dates of release (VI...

How to remind Ukrainians to become volunteers (VIDEO)

What is BRP in the Netherlands and how do Ukrainians register there?

Ukrainians will hesitate at the royal castle

Medical assistance and insurance for Ukrainians (VIDEO)

Map to help the citizens of Ukraine outside the cordon

No war!

We will keep you on course! We are a wealthy national company that works with clients from different countries! We do not choose, WE CAN'T get away from what is happening in Ukraine at the same time. We, as in the situation with the coronavirus, we inform you about those who are concerned.

Our team is ready to help you with more truthful information in order to bring it to those who need it!

Those who are in Ukraine at the same time, those relatives of yours - stay away!

Nalog.nl team.

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