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Class C energy efficiency will be mandatory for commercial premises from 2023


From next year, office buildings larger than 100 m2 will have to be rated C or higher. The level of energy consumption will have to be 225 kWh per square meter per year.

If an office building is grade D or lower, then the owner risks a fine of up to 81 euros or will have to close the premises.

You can find out the energy efficiency class of your company here.

Algorithm of actions to obtain class C energy efficiency

  1. Book a consultation with an EPA-U consultant (energieprestatieadvies voor utiliteitsbouw) on energy efficiency in non-residential buildings. A certified consultant can be found here.
  2. Find out the list of subsidies that can be requested. The same energy efficiency consultant will help.
  3. Make the building more environmentally friendly.
  4. Request a new energy efficiency class by inviting the consultant again.

Who is responsible for class C energy efficiency if an office space of more than 100 m2 is rented?

If there is no special agreement (or clauses in the main agreement) between the landlord and the tenant that relates to repairs, alterations and other improvements, then the tenant is required by law to cooperate when such work begins to take place.

If there is an agreement on the performance of work and reimbursement of costs (or other similar agreement or clauses in the main agreement) between the landlord and the tenant, then the parties must act as originally agreed.




Measures to help improve energy efficiency

Solar panels

Solar panels that produce 170 kWh per m2 per year will pay for themselves in 7 years. In addition, their installation entitles them to tax credits.


Thermal insulation

An office building will become more energy efficient if the walls, floor or roof are insulated.


If the building has hollow walls, then it makes sense to fill the space between the two walls with insulating material. According to Pim Nusselder, energy expert at Milieu Centraal, cavity wall insulation is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to insulate. “Let's take a house as an example. Depending on the size, you will save between 1000 and 1500 euros per year on energy costs. The 5000 euros you pay for wall insulation will be returned in a few years,” Pim assures.


Not everyone knows that about 10% of the energy in a building is lost through the floor. By insulating it, you can save from 500 to 750 euros per year. Investments will pay off in 4-6 years.


The cost of roof insulation ranges from 80 to 240 euros per m2. Pitched roof insulation is cheaper than flat roof insulation. Investments will pay off in 5-8 years.


triple glazing

Experts are sure: triple glazing insulates much better than old-fashioned double glazing.

You can get a subsidy for triple glazing. Pay attention to the conditions: this often requires a combination of sustainable solutions. For example, a heat pump plus triple glazing.

Refusal from gasа

Gas phase-out will become a mandatory condition only in 2050. But you can prepare for this now. There are 2 alternatives to natural gas:

Electric heat pump

With an electric heat pump, you get hot water and heating through the electrical network. The cost of a complete heat pump system varies from 3000 to 17 euros, depending on the type of pump itself. The payback period also varies depending on the type: from 000 to 7 years.

Heat pump

It is important to understand that the building must be ready for the heat pump. Only in a well-insulated building will it be a profitable purchase.



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