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KvK number: everything you need to know


When registering with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (it doesn't matter what exactly you are registering your company or private enterprise), you receive a unique 8-digit number - this is the KvK number. This number indicates that you are officially registered with the chamber of commerce. Using it, other entrepreneurs and firms can find you.

At what point is the KvK number assigned

You will receive the KvK number immediately upon registration. True, for this, your company must start working within 8 days after that.

If you want to start working later, then you will receive the KvK-number one week before the start of work.

You can register a company a maximum of 3 months before the start of its real work.

The KvK number changes if you decide to change the form of ownership of your company, for example, you decide to move from EMZ to BV. In this case, you will receive a new KvK number. For legal entities, the KvK number always remains the same.

How to find the KvK number of a company

You can find your KvK number in the following ways:

On the last link you can find not only your KvK number, but also the number of any registered company. This is sometimes useful.

When is it necessary to indicate your KvK-number

Entrepreneurs and individuals can find out who they are doing business with by looking at the KvK number. Therefore, by law, you must indicate your KvK-number:

  • In letters
  • In orders (this is required for BTW returns)
  • In the invoices that you issue
  • In offers
  • On your website
  • In business emails

The obligation to provide your KvK number does not apply to correspondence from:

  • Associations and foundations without entrepreneurial activity
  • Owners' associations
  • Governments
  • Church organizations
  • And for information of an advertising nature

When you need you KvK number

Your KvK-number is always required for purchases at the company or registration of subscriptions and insurance. This is to confirm that you are acting on behalf of the company and not as an individual.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wholesale purchases
  • Buying a car for a company
  • Insurance for the company
  • Subscribing to a telephone company subscription
  • Opening a business bank account
  • Business loan request

Other possible actions

Let's say you are registered as an individual entrepreneur, but later you realized that you want to engage in several types of activities. In this case, you can add other activities to your existing registration. In addition, multiple trade names can be registered. At the same time, with such an addition of activities to an already operating business, you do not receive an additional KvK number.

What is the difference between BTW number and KvK number?

When registering a company, you also automatically receive a BTW number. BTW-number, unlike KvK-number, consists of 14 characters (KvK-number - 8 digits). You must include both of these numbers on your invoices. In this case, the KvK-number must be indicated even in several places.

You can find your BTW number in the letters you receive from the tax office. If you need to find out the BTW number of another company, it can most often be found on the company's website or by asking a company representative.

You can read more about the BTW number here.

Cancellation of registration with the Chamber of Commerce

In order to close your company, you need to check out the register of the chamber of commerce. You can read how to do this on the website of the Chamber of Commerce or entrust it to specialists. Nalog.nl will gladly assist you both in registering and closing your business.

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