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In connection with the expansion, we are looking for attentive, tactful and inquisitive specialists in our team who like to solve non-standard problems, feel confident in coordinating the work of several services, and easily find a common language with colleagues, clients and partners of the company.

As a responsible employer, we take care of our employees with respect and fairness. We strive to provide a work environment that attracts, retains, develops and motivates the best people who can meet business challenges and achieve personal success. We provide our people with opportunities to realize their full potential.

How we take care of our employees:

  • salary based on the results of the interview and bonuses based on the results of work; the level of wages depends on: work experience, knowledge of languages, education;
  • training at the expense of the company;
  • 7,5 hour working day (instead of 8 hours). The duration of the working week is 37,5 hours, with payment of 40 hours per week;
  • professional and career development;
  • flexible work schedule (self-regulation of the beginning and end of the working day is allowed within the established limits);
  • vacation in accordance with the labor legislation of the IL - 4 paid working weeks;
  • 5 additional paid days;
  • Russian-speaking team of professionals - experts;
  • teamwork of positive and enthusiastic like-minded people;
  • we speak 14 languages, but the main spoken language in the office is Russian;
  • modern office 15 minutes from the central station of Utrecht, parking for all employees;
  • free filling of tax returns for employees;
  • colleagues who are responsible for communicating with clients are provided with a working mobile phone;
  • payment of transport costs 200 euros per month.

Do you want to work with us and think that you meet the proposed vacancy, but you still do not have enough knowledge and experience? In there is an opportunity to undergo an internship followed by employment (in case of successful completion). The duration of the internship is 3 months. Payment - 30 euros per day + reimbursement of travel costs.

If now we do not have a suitable vacancy for you, select "vacancy" and fill out the form. Your request will remain in the database and perhaps one of our clients, who also often look for employees, will be interested in you.

Or maybe you have already found yourself, but you need new clients, and you are looking for cooperation - please go to this page.

At the moment there are vacancies in our company:

Or maybe you have already found yourself, but you need new clients, and you are looking for cooperation - please go to this page.


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