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Tax return. Form M


Depending on the circumstances of the taxpayer in the Netherlands, there are several forms for filing a tax return. Form M, or the so-called M-ticket (M-Biljet), is submitted by taxpayers who have lived in the Netherlands for an incomplete reporting year. Often this happens when a person recently emigrated to this country or left it before the end of the reporting year.

Pay attention! From the point of view of the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst), any person who was officially registered (registered) in its territory is considered to be residing in the country.

If you were registered in the Netherlands for only part of the reporting year, form M should be chosen for filing a declaration. If you came to the country for a while, for example, for tourism purposes, you do not need to fill out a tax return at all, since you are not a Dutch taxpayer. To understand exactly which declaration form you should submit, our website has handy tool.

Is a person registered in the Netherlands required to file a tax return?

The obligation to file a tax return of an individual arises only for those who have received a letter about this from the tax authorities. Receiving such letters means that the tax authorities want to check exactly you. Typically, letters of declaration from Belastingdienst arrive in February. If you do not receive such a letter, you are not required to file a tax return, but this does not mean that you should not do it on your own initiative.

The Netherlands is a socially oriented country, many people in it are entitled to various benefits. An employer who pays taxes for you may not take into account something. Many residents of the Netherlands file tax returns in order to receive a refund of overpaid taxes.

Pay attention! In the Netherlands, you can file a tax return on your own initiative for any of the last five tax years. Each year has its own tax return form, so when applying for a tax return form, be sure to indicate the year for which you want to file reports. 

Where can I get the form for form M?

The most convenient way to file a Form M tax return starting in tax year 2020 is use the service of the tax authorities. To use it, you need to have a DigiD code, which can be order through our company. It is also possible to use the Dutch tax entry methods established in other European countries. 

If you need to file a return for the years prior to 2020, or you just decide to file a paper return, you need to order the appropriate form. via Belastingdienst website. A paper Form M will be mailed to you. Once completed, the declaration must be mailed to: Postbus 2545, 6401 DA Heerlen, Nederland. After receiving your application, the tax authorities send you the form within 8 weeks, but documents usually arrive earlier.

If for some reason you cannot order a paper Form M online, please contact Belastingdienst by phone:

  • For calls from abroad:+ 31 555 385 385.
  • For calls from the Netherlands: 055 5 385 385. 

Most of the Dutch do not fill out tax forms themselves at all, they entrust this work to specialists. This way you can avoid mistakes and pay a minimum of taxes or get the maximum possible tax refund. You can order a tax return from our company here to register:.

Pay attention! If you have already filed a tax return and need to make changes to it, a new return is filed. The old one is automatically cancelled.


What is the likelihood of receiving a tax refund?

If you arrived in the Netherlands last year and worked for several months, then you have the opportunity to return part of the taxes paid. All taxes on your salary are an advance payment to income tax, which will be recalculated after you file your return for the past year.

What is the deadline for filing a Form M tax return?

The declaration of this form in the standard case is submitted before July 1. If you receive a letter from Belastingdienst asking you to complete the declaration, the deadline for filing it will be indicated in the letter.

Pay attention! The tax authorities have no right to give you less than 1 month to complete the declaration.  

What is the best way to file a tax return: separately or together with a partner?

Form M is filled out individually for each person. If there is a partner, his data is also indicated and taken into account when calculating taxes (refunds). Accordingly, it is more expedient to fill out both forms for partners at the same time, which will eliminate errors. This should be done if both partners simultaneously arrived and registered in the Netherlands.

Sometimes a situation arises in which the employer organizes and pays for the filling out of the tax return form for the working partner, and the second partner has to take care of his declaration on his own. In such cases, we will help you fill out Form M for the second partner (in this case, you must provide us with data on both partners).

When to expect results (payments)?

As practice shows, the tax service rarely fits into its own set deadlines for processing the declaration within 3 months. The term for obtaining results varies from 8 weeks to 2,5 years.

What is the cost of submitting Form M through a tax advisor at

The standard fee for filing a Form M declaration through our company is 179 euros. The cost of filing declarations of other forms can be viewed here to register:

Detailed instructions on how to file a tax return through our company, here.

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