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Dukatenburg, 82 3437AE Nieuwegein

How to get to us: The most convenient way is by tram from Utrecht. Just 12 minutes from Jaarbeursplein (next to the train station) by tram number 20 or number 21 to the Batau-Noord stop (7 stops). Then you rise to the crossing above the road and walk along it until the end of 1 minute, turn around and see a large office building where we are. It says OCTAGON in big letters.

There is also bus 77, which leaves from the central station (bus stop (platform C5)) and travels 14 stops to Nieuwegein, De Baten. You will need to cross the road, turn left and walk to the Lidl store, turn right and go straight past the shops - to the stairs. To the right behind the stairs is the OCTAGON building.

If you are coming to NALOG.NL by car from Amsterdam, take the A10 (Amsterdam-West). Then take the A2 / E35 towards AC Verhoefweg (Utrecht). From A2 / E35, take the Knooppunt Oudenrijn exit and turn towards Dukatenburg (Nieuwegein). Travel time is about 45 minutes.

It is even easier to get to our office from Utrecht by car, it will take about 15 minutes. Head towards Zuid-West. Drive along Dominee Martin Luther Kinglaan and AC Verhoefweg and then turn towards Dukatenburg.

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