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Nalog.nl is a team of tax, accounting, legal, business and migration experts in the Netherlands. We are ready to become reliable assistants both in solving one-time tasks for individuals (filing tax returns, requesting subsidies or obtaining a residence permit), and in complex support of individual entrepreneurs and companies.


The starting point in the activities of Nalog.nl is 2010, when Svetlana Koshek, a certified tax consultant, a member of RB, founded a company focused on a multilingual and multinational audience, kennis migrants, international business owners, people who somehow connected their fate with the hospitable Kingdom of the Netherlands . 

Day today

Nalog.nl is now an innovative business that covers tax, accounting and legal consulting in client-friendly formats: from online consultations to subscription services. Our team speaks 10 languages, including Dutch and English, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldovan, Azerbaijani, Danish. 

Nalog.nl in numbers:

  • Over 3000 tax returns filed for clients annually,
  • We have over 500 clients on subscription service,
  • More than 100 business entities are registered annually with our support,
  • More than 3000 private clients are served annually.


The processes of economic globalization in the world are intensifying and accelerating. Our company keeps up with the times, providing optimal solutions for tax planning and implementation of business projects in the Netherlands with one or another foreign element. We accompany startups, build business migration maps, help automate business processes in companies, and take on administrative and accounting functions.


If you want to become our client, you can write:

Or call by phones:

  • +31 (0) 855 400 200
  • +31 (0) 650 128 355

Our working hours: on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00.

Our address: Dukatenburg 82 3437AE, Nieuwegein.

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