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What does an O-document look like?


Part of the displaced persons from Ukraine who are subject to the EU Directive on Temporary Protection (Richtlijn Tijdelijke Bescherming - RTB), to confirm their right to stay in the Netherlands, the Migration Service issues a plastic card - O-document. In particular, the O-document is received by persons without Ukrainian citizenship, but with the right to RTB (family members of Ukrainians, people with permanent residence in Ukraine, and so on).

Alien ID Type O

This document is intended for persons who fled the war from Ukraine (Oekraïne) and received temporary protection in the Netherlands. This document confirms:

  • personality,
  • citizenship,
  • legal residence in the Netherlands.
Important! Individuals with an O-document can work in the Netherlands. For this, the employer does not need a special work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning - TWV). However, the O-document is not a residence permit, and it is not a travel document.

You can read about other types of foreigner's identity card here.

What information does an O-document contain?

On the front side:

  1. Last name and first name,
  2. Citizenship,
  3. Document type: O
  4. Document Number,
  5. Date of Birth,
  6. Place of Birth.

On the other side:

  1. Document Number,
  2. V-number: the foreigner's number, which was indicated in the letters from the IND,
  3. Until what date is the document valid?
  4. Reason for being in the Netherlands and proof of employment eligibility.

Pay attention!

  • You are allowed to reside in the Netherlands as long as your card is valid. If you apply for temporary protection in another European Union country, your temporary protection in the Netherlands will end.
  • You cannot travel (cross the border) with your card because the O-document is not a travel document. However, take your O-document with you when you travel: showing it at the border will show that you have temporary protection in the Netherlands.
  • If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, if the details are incorrect, you must apply for a new card at ind.nl. However, in case of loss or theft, you must first inform the police (file a report).
  • If you had a child while living in the Netherlands, you must register your child with the local municipality (gemeente). You also need to submit form M35-J to the IND: you can find this form on the page https://ind.nl/en/ukraine.
  • If you are leaving the Netherlands, please notify your municipality so that you can be de-registered. The municipality will notify the cancellation of your IND registration.
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