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About Us is a Dutch company specializing in taxation, accounting services, legal matters and immigration. - your personal accountant and financial advisor in the Netherlands

We specialize in the registration of legal entities in the Netherlands, their further legal and accounting support, tax advice, as well as accompanying immigration to the Netherlands.

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We have a full line of necessary services
We understand your language and mentality
We solve problems of any complexity
We work efficiently and technologically

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Our team

Svitlana Koshek

Svitlana Koshek

Director and founder of the company

Olena Fedorynina

Olena Fedorynina

Head of the accounting department. Chief Accountant

Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova

Head of KLM department

Ihor Niezhynskiy

Ihor Niezhynskiy

Head of IT department

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We share the most useful information about doing business, about the features of taxation and about living in the Netherlands.

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