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How to get a grace period for filing your tax return


Private individuals
You can request a deferral (uitstel) in your personal account at using your DigiD.

This can also be done by calling the tax office (0800 – 0543 (free), and if you are not calling from NL +31 555 385 385), to do this you need to have your BSN on hand and remember your date of birth. It’s true that calling the tax office at the end of the reporting period is very difficult.

The postponement is given until September 1 and it is given to everyone, without exception!

For those who are on our subscription, we request a deferral automatically if we understand that for some reason it is impossible to submit a declaration on time.

We remind you! If you did not receive a letter from the tax office with a request to submit the declaration, then the deadline until April 30 does not apply to you at all. It is worth submitting the declaration, but you can do it in a calm mode.

For private entrepreneurs

Private entrepreneurs (EMZ) request a deferral in the same way as ordinary individuals (in their personal account using the DigiD code or by calling the tax office), since for the tax office, they are still private individuals who have income from entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs, their wives and husbands, to whom we submit reports, also may not worry, if necessary, we will request a deferral for them ourselves.

Corporate Banking

All legal entities that are in our service, if necessary, we ourselves will request a delay.

For our regular customers, we will ask for a deferral on our behalf, as intermediair, which means they will give it for a year. This, however, does not mean that the declaration must be submitted in a year. The tax office will draw up a plan for how many declarations we must submit in each month and, based on it, we will coordinate the submission of their reports with clients. And, of course, we will not postpone this indefinitely, but will try to submit everything as soon as possible after receiving all the necessary documents. Over the summer, you will most likely be able to complete everything and then we will submit your reports.

Attention! If for some reason you want to do this after the summer, it must be negotiated individually.

If you are not on our subscription, but want to get on it and no longer worry about asking for a deferral and submitting the necessary reports, you can do this by calling us by phone. It's not too late to do it link.

What is the threat of a deferred order and a later filing of the declaration?

In the event that you have to pay something, it does not threaten anything at all. Just reports sent before April 1, the tax office promises to process before July 1, and the rest as far as possible.

In the event that you have to pay something, it is important to understand that from July 1, penalty interest begins to accrue, so it is better to file a declaration before that in order to avoid overpayment.

However, if you know that you have to pay, but there is no money now and you have to look elsewhere for it, then this is a possible option. Instead of borrowing, you seem to be borrowing at a small percentage from the tax office itself.

For new clients with whom we have not yet signed contracts, we can only help request an extension on your behalf.

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