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KOR liberation

The small business scheme (Kleinondernemersregeling - KOR) allows entrepreneurs with a small income not to pay or report VAT (BTW).

The maximum annual income to participate in this scheme is €20. The scheme can be applied not only by individual entrepreneurs (eenmanszaak - EMZ), but also by associations of individuals, including general partnerships (Vennootschap onder firma - VOF). In addition, the KOR scheme can be used by legal entities such as foundations (Stichting) and private limited liability companies (Besloten vennootschap - BV).

Participation in the KOR scheme is not mandatory. It should be noted that small businesses not only do not pay VAT, but also cannot claim a refund. In addition, KOR cannot issue VAT invoices, which is inconvenient for legal entity clients. Therefore, the scheme should be used by those who do not plan significant investments in business and serve mainly private individuals. More details - in our review и on the tax authorities website.

You must submit an application to the tax service to apply the KOR scheme at least 4 weeks before the start of the next reporting period. We recommend submitting such applications at the end of the year so that you can start using the scheme at the beginning of the next year.

We can apply for the KOR scheme for you. Service cost from 80 euros + 21% BTW* .

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