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Corporate Governance

Primarily your accountant and tax advisor, nonetheless strives to provide solutions to all the organizational and legal challenges that a business has faced since its inception.

In particular, we can provide a service for the selection of company executives or engage a professional provider of corporate governance. The need for this may arise in the process of localizing your business in the Netherlands.

The problem in each case requires individual consideration. We are always happy to receive your request, discuss it and offer solutions.


What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance – performing the functions of a manager (director) of a Dutch company. The director of a BV (or other Dutch company) can be a natural or legal person. The owner (beneficiary) of the business can also be a director. Consult us regarding the legal requirements and tax implications of a situation where the founder (shareholder) of a BV is also a director of the company.

If the owner of the company (BV) does not have the ability to personally manage the affairs or stay in the Netherlands for enough time, it is advisable to hire a hired director.


Does a business have to be run by a Dutch resident?

The director of a BV (or other form of Dutch company) does not have to be a Dutch citizen or resident. However, the localization of the management function in the country of registration of the company is the most important criterion for the subsistence of a Dutch company. In the absence of other signs of connection with the country, the company may have difficulty opening a bank account and obtaining and maintaining a VAT number (VAT number). Please contact us directly for more details.

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