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Corporate Documentation

Legal entities doing business in the Netherlands invariably face a certain amount of corporate document flow that must be built within each Dutch company. Considering the fact that many companies conduct business in an international format and do not aim to maintain their own corporate lawyer in the Netherlands or engage a specialized Dutch lawyer, they often find it relevant to our assistance in the development and maintenance of corporate documentation for BV and other forms of Dutch companies.


What does the corporate documentation of a Dutch company include?

The most common documents that legal entities deal with in the Netherlands:

  • incorporation act, BV articles of association (statutes).
  • registers of shareholders BV (register of shareholders).
  • BV shareholder agreements (sharholders' agreements).
  • BV shareholder's resolutions.
  • contracts for the sale of shares (shares) of a Dutch company (share purchase agreements).
  • extracts from the Dutch trade register business extracts (KVK).
  • other internal corporate documentation in accordance with Dutch law.


What services can be ordered from us in the field of corporate law?

You can order from us both the preparation (individual drafting) of this or that corporate document, for example, a shareholder agreement between several Dutch BV owners or various kinds of resolutions (decisions) of shareholders, as well as a review of this documentation.

We will help you to correctly find out your possibilities within the framework of the corporate legislation of the Netherlands and competently set the task for the notary to introduce specific conditions into the charter. So, for example, within the framework of BV it is possible to envisage different types of shares and atypical mechanics of the voting and dividend rights of the owners of shares.

We will also accompany the receipt of duplicates of the original constituent documents, legalization (certification, apostille) of the charter, extracts from the commercial register and other documents of Dutch companies.

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