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Setting up automatic forwarding of documents to an accountant

Working online simplifies many processes for the modern entrepreneur. But even in this mode, there can be a lot of difficulties. For example, you need to spend extra time sending documentation to an accountant. To simplify this procedure, you can set up automatic forwarding.

Our experts will help make the work as comfortable as possible for every Internet entrepreneur. The process of sending the necessary documentation to a specialist will take place automatically. This means that there will be more time for important things.

Having tried the convenience of such a service at least once, customers no longer agree to send documents manually as before.

An automated procedure for sending documents is the best solution for modern business people who value their time.



  1. How quickly do you set up automation for document forwarding?

From 5 days. There may be a rush order. In this case, the urgency factor is used to calculate the price.


  1. Are there any failures in this process?

There are failures, but all systems are subject to 24/7 monitoring.


  1. What needs to be done to send documents to the accountant in automatic mode?

First, you need to provide information about the system that you use to create documents.

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