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Founders from all over the world can open a Dutch company of the BV form. Dutch firms are the optimal solution for international business, especially for companies in the field of IT and intellectual property, international trade and logistics, holdings.


Who can register a company in the Netherlands?

The founder can be a citizen of any country (provided that he is not under sanctions) or a legal entity registered in any jurisdiction. Foreign founders (especially legal entities) are subject to more thorough checks by a notary. We will help you prepare the necessary package of documents for registering a BV for both individuals and foreign companies.


What language is the company registered in?

The basic official language used in the founding documents of BV is Dutch. At the same time, for foreign founders, the option of obtaining a version (translation) of the charter / creation act in English is available.

With our help, the BV registration process can be accompanied completely in English and even Russian. In addition, we speak a dozen other languages, and we will be able to answer all your questions and organize company registration in the language that is convenient for you.


Can I open a company in the Netherlands remotely?

Through us, a BV can be established completely remotely, including online. This does not obviate the need to draw up documents through a notary (notary office) in the Netherlands. However, with our help, interaction can be organized completely remotely. Thanks to this, there is no need to waste time on collecting, legalizing, affixing an apostille on the documents of foreign (non-Dutch) founders.

At the same time, the option of establishing a company offline with the signing of the act of incorporation BV (oprichting akte) live in the presence of a notary is retained.


What are the benefits of registering a BV with

Firstly, we advise you in a language that is convenient for you, helping you understand how a particular legal form of doing business suits you, what documents are needed to open a BV, how long does it take to register a company in the Netherlands, what is the procedure for establishing a BV and what the nuances may be.

Secondly, we help to thoroughly think over the structure of the business, the composition of shareholders and managers, the consequences, taking into account the residence of the beneficiaries.

Thirdly, we have the most relevant experience in opening Dutch companies with a foreign element, including for completely foreign beneficiaries, and we know what is needed for such a company to be efficient. In particular, for opening a corporate bank account in the Netherlands, a company must meet certain criteria for transparency and localization. For receiving VATrooms and maintaining it in an active state, the company must also meet certain criteria. That is why we recommend that you contact specialists who have practical knowledge and understanding of the specifics of these processes for support of the incorporation process.

In addition, we can translate the constituent documents of BV into a language convenient for you, explain their content to you and help take your interests into account in them. We are also ready develop other corporate documentation for you - for example, a shareholders' agreement. Our custom drafting and document development rates are lower than Dutch notaries and Russian speaking lawyers in the Netherlands.

In the future, we are ready to continue to accompany the activities of your company in the Netherlands. BV's line of services includes everything a business needs: opening a current account in a Dutch bank, accounting services in the Netherlands, submission of reports and interaction with the tax authorities, tax and legal advice.


Share capital of Dutch BV

Until now, on the websites of consultants, you can find information that the minimum authorized capital of a Dutch BV is 18.000 euros. Feel free to close such sites. For many years now, it has been possible to register a BV with a minimum authorized capital of only 0,01 euros, and it can be denominated in any currency.

Another question is what is the optimal amount of the authorized capital for your BV. You can consult us about this. Recommendations differ depending on the task at hand. We will also show you how to pay BV's share capital and accompany this process for you.


Does a BV need a legal address in the Netherlands?

The place of registration of a company is the primary criterion for its residency, therefore any BV must have its own registered address or rent a legal address in the Netherlands.

After examining your situation, we determine whether it is possible to register your company at the director's home address. If necessary, we can help you with the selection and provision of a legal address in the Netherlands through established contacts with friendly landlords. For more information about renting a legal (registration) address for your Dutch BV you can learn from the link, and order this service there.


Does BV need a Dutch director?

Under Dutch law, a director can be a person or company with any citizenship / residency. BV can operate and be fully functional without the director's residence in the Netherlands. However, the localization of the management function in the country where the company is incorporated is often advisable for a number of reasons. In addition, the BV allows the appointment of multiple directors.

When opening a BV through us, we will discuss in detail and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages depending on a particular company structure. We will plan the optimal management method based on the challenges facing the launch of a business, opening an account in a Dutch bank, further development of the company.

You can also use our help in attracting a director with a residence in the Netherlands or by organization relocation (moving to the Netherlands) of owners or business managers.


BV Form Company Alternatives

Dutch BV is the most common corporate form of business in Holland, as it meets all the characteristics of the preferred form of a limited liability company by many entrepreneurs. However, when working on small volumes and in certain types of activities, it is often advisable to consider this form business registration as EMZ (individual entrepreneurship). If necessary, we will help to register less common organizational and legal forms of legal entities - for example, Dutch Foundation /STACK or a cooperative.


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