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Structuring and tax modeling

Proactive structuring and tax modeling of a business using the jurisdiction of the Netherlands is designed to ensure the rationality of the business model used. We recommend that you fully clarify the tax burden on your business before starting work based on the planned activities, assets held and transactions. The service is relevant both for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for large companies and international corporations.


Tax burden factors on business in the Netherlands

The main factors of the tax burden of Dutch companies and enterprises are traditionally income tax (income tax - for private enterprises), value added tax, taxes and deductions to the payroll. Depending on the profile of the business, additional taxes may also apply, for example, on advertising, on the provision of financial services, excise taxes, etc.


Income tax forecasting

Dutch tax legislation is constantly evolving. So, during 2019-2022. There is a systematic decrease in income tax rates (in 2020 they amount to 16,5% - for the amount of annual profit up to EUR 200.000 and 25% - for an excess amount, and in 2021 - respectively 15% for the amount of annual profit up to EUR 245.000 and 25%). In 2022, it is also planned to reduce the tax by increasing the threshold to which the reduced rate applies.

Since 2020, there have also been changes in the calculation of deductions from wages.


Simulation of the final tax burden

The interest of any business ultimately comes down to the issue of receiving dividends directly by the beneficiary, whether he is a resident of the Netherlands or any other foreign country. We offer our clients a detailed modeling of the situation, taking into account the jurisdictions of the business and the own tax residency of the beneficiaries. We not only carefully analyze the current state of affairs, but also consider possible scenarios and their tax context. You can contact us by filling out the form below:

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