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What it is?

E-HErkenning, on the one hand, is a means of user verification, and on the other, a tool to ensure the confidentiality of information exchange and its protection.

Who needs it?

If you run a business or do business, selling goods / services to individuals and corporate clients who are not VAT payers in other EU countries, then from 01 July 2021 of the year You will face the impossibility of submitting the necessary reports without the specified tool. So, reports on OSS / MOSS can be submitted only if there is E-Herkenning level 3.

What benefits does it provide?

This tool replaces and optimizes the systems of various government services, allowing you to forget about the endless number of logins, passwords and other information. In the near future, it will become the only tool that allows remote interaction, in fact, acting as an analogue of DigID for entrepreneurs and legal entities.

If you have any difficulties, you can use our service.

The cost of the service is: for residents of the Netherlands - 90 euros plus VAT 21%, for non-residents - 180 euros plus VAT 21%.

You will also need to pay the cost of using the tool within the first 3 years - 105 euros for the entire period.

To order the service, fill out the form below:

Filled in if it is reflected in the identity document.
Are you a resident of the Netherlands?
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