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Development and examination of contracts

We have extensive experience in the preparation and review of all types of agreements (contracts) that anyone who is doing business in the Netherlands or, for example, self-employed or self-employed, may face.


When should you contact a specialist for the development of a contract?

It makes sense to order the preparation of an agreement (contract) from a Dutch law specialist when you want to build your interaction with partners and counterparties from the very beginning on a legally correct foundation that protects your interests and at the same time avoid contradictions with the laws of the Netherlands.

If you consistently or repeatedly provide services, perform work or sell / buy goods as a Dutch company or entrepreneur, it is advisable to immediately order the development of a standard contract (contract template) for your specific business activity. The contract, developed by a lawyer for use in the Netherlands, you can continue to constantly apply in your business, concluding it with new clients.

Another situation - you enter into an important or major contract. Contact a specialist for his analysis and assessment of your risks, as well as to check for possible legal tricks. As part of the review of the contract, we will also help to calculate the legal and tax consequences of entering into certain obligations.

You can order a standard contract form or an individual contract drafting from us in Dutch or English, as well as in a bilingual format (including Russian).

What contracts can be ordered?

The most common types of contracts used by our clients when doing business in the Netherlands:

  • contracts for the performance of work / provision of services, including in the form of freelancing, including with a foreign contractor / contractor or customer.
  • sales / purchase contracts, including for export / import to the Netherlands.
  • lease agreements for premises.
  • licensing agreements, transactions in the field of intellectual property with the participation of Dutch companies.
  • agency contracts, mediation.
  • employment contracts with hired personnel.
  • other contracts of all types of obligations in the field of trade, logistics, construction, electronic and IT services, consulting, management, recruiting, mediation and other common business areas in the Netherlands.

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