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Do you buy BV shares or take ownership of shares in a Dutch legal entity? Our Dutch corporate law consultants will not only simulate the legal and tax consequences of the transaction for tax residents of the Netherlands and any other countries, but also fully accompany the purchase or sale of a Dutch company (company shares).


How is the deal to buy a company or part of its shares going?

As a general rule, the transfer of shares is carried out by means of a notarial deed. A large amount of preparatory work is being carried out beforehand. The buyer and seller of a Dutch company (BV shares) can be a person with any citizenship and residency. Prior to the transaction, it is necessary to identify and conduct due diligence of the parties, especially when they are legal entities. It is necessary to correctly determine the value of the company being sold (a share of its shares). The contract for the sale and purchase of BV shares must comply with the requirements of Dutch law. You can order its development from us.

You can conduct a transaction both in the Netherlands, and in most cases remotely, including online. Check out Nalog.nl if you value your time and take risk prevention seriously.


What are the nuances to consider when dealing with BV shares?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the Dutch legislation regarding the determination of the selling price of companies (BV shares). An incorrect share price is likely to attract attention and questions from the Dutch tax authorities. Contact our tax specialists in the Netherlands for a substantive consultation on your specific situation.

Secondly, we recommend in full faith to model and understand in advance the tax consequences of the purchase of BV shares based on your tax residency, as well as to establish the tax burden that you will have in connection with the resulting participation in a Dutch legal entity. Our tax lawyers will help you understand which tax on dividends from a Dutch company is applicable to you, in which cases it is payable and whether Dutch dividend tax can be credited under the double taxation agreement concluded by the Netherlands with your country of residence.

We will be happy to help analyze the tax implications and accompany your transaction for the purchase / sale of a Dutch BV or part of its shares. Let us know the details of your situation and you will be contacted by a specialized legal specialist in Dutch law.

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