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Registration of companies

Registration of a company in the Netherlands (BV, NV, Dutch fund, cooperative) from Nalog.nl BV without intermediaries and with the best value for money. You can open a Dutch company remotely, including online. Founders can be citizens and residents of any country. Contact us for a detailed discussion of your task.

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Scheme of our work

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    You call us, order a call or fill out an application on the website

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    We discuss your task, answer your questions, choose the appropriate form of business

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    We receive scanned basic documents from you and get started

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    We form constituent documents, coordinate them with you and organize notarial actions

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    We schedule at a convenient time for you a single short visit to a notary in the Netherlands, or we help you to accompany the establishment of a company remotely, including completely online

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    The company is established. We carry out the necessary formalities and instruct you on further actions. The price includes registration of a company in KVK, in the UBO register, obtaining a tax number, obtaining a VAT number (for operating companies).

Why is it better to trust the professionals to register a company?

Incorporation of a company in the Netherlands (registration of a BV or a company of another organizational and legal form) is the first task that a foreign businessman or investor faces. Nalog.nl has been providing company registration services to its clients for over 10 years. We work with any input data and help to immediately take into account the challenges facing the business, providing it with a workable and financially optimal structure. Nalog.nl is a full service provider: we oversee all tax, legal and accounting aspects of the business. This means that we have a comprehensive look at the project from the moment of its preparation for launch. Consult with us on how best to organize the structure of the company and the flow of funds specifically for your type of activity or product. If necessary, we will offer a full range of additional support services.

Since Nalog.nl is primarily a market practitioner, we take into account the existing specifics of law enforcement at the moment. We will help you avoid mistakes and rejections, save time and reduce costs. Contact us for effective registration and start-up of a business in Holland, opening bank accounts and means of payment.

Accompanying services

Knowledge base

Requirements for invoicing

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Deduction of costs of doing business

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What is BTW number

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What to do if you paid the wrong BTW amount

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KvK number: everything you need to know

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Forms of ownership

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Did you know that ...

Shareholders are not responsible for the company's debts (although there are exceptions)
The most common form of doing business in the Netherlands is BV (De besloten vennootschap)
The place of registration of the company must be an address in the Netherlands
Share capital in BV can be 0,01 Euro
A company may have one or more directors who may be empowered to act collectively or independently.
BV can be used both as a holding company and an operating company



Who can be the shareholder and director of a Dutch company? Are there any restrictions for non-citizens and non-residents?

A person with any citizenship and residency can become the owner and / or director of a Dutch company - this is permitted by law. At the same time, we recommend that you discuss the planned business structure with specialists in advance based on your tasks. In particular, it is not always advantageous to combine the role of shareholder and director of BV in one person: in this case, the legal requirement on the minimum wage of such a director in the amount of 46.000 euros per year gross (for 2020) applies. In addition, the residence of the director and owner of the company fundamentally affects the ability to open an account with a particular bank. Contact us for a free induction training.


Where can I get an address for registering a company and is a home address suitable?

The market offers a large number of offers of legal address for companies in various price categories. Perhaps some of these "virtual" solutions will really help solve the problem of registering a company. If you aim at real activities - opening a bank account, concluding contracts with counterparties, etc. - we recommend that you seriously consider the issue of choosing a company address. First of all, the location of the company is the first and fundamental criterion for assessing the subsistence (presence in the country). The address must be real, the premises must have a business purpose; after the start of business, the company must be ready to confirm its presence at the address (dedicated office or workplace located at the address, signboard and / or property). In some cases, the actual presence at the address can be verified. It is allowed to register a company at the home address of registration of a director - an individual (when registering in rented housing, the consent of the owner is required). This option, however, does not resolve the issue of serious positioning of the business in front of the bank and partners. We have experience and partners that provide real office space for rent, suitable for localizing companies. The range of prices varies depending on the content of the offer and will satisfy the needs and capabilities of all categories of customers. On request, we will provide you with detailed information.


What are the conditions for opening a bank account?

Opening an account is the most pressing issue when starting a business in any country. Banking requirements, rigor of compliance procedures and outlook for opening in each individual financial institution are in dynamic change. That is why we consider each situation individually. Of the general patterns, the following can be noted: the overwhelming majority of Dutch banks will be ready to serve only those businesses that have a connection with the country. The criterion for this connection may be the presence of a sales market, material base or counterparties in the Netherlands. As a rule, the key condition is the presence of the Dutch residency for the head of the company, in some cases - for the owners (part of the owners) of the company. The forecast for opening an account also differs depending on the type of activity, the scale of turnover, the source of investment in the company. Depending on the goals of the client, we offer an up-to-date set of options for settlement services both in banks in the Netherlands and in financial institutions in other European countries. Turn to professionals to avoid mistakes that will put an end to the prospect of opening an account for your company.



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