Refugee family reunification

Asiel or political asylum is a generalized concept. This includes the provision of a residence permit for several reasons:

  • Persons who have become victims of human trafficking or witnesses to such events;
  • Persons persecuted for political, religious views, as well as for belonging to a certain group of people (sexual orientation, race, etc.)
  • Victims of military events in the country of origin.

All of these persons, from the moment of granting a residence permit in the Netherlands, are entitled to reunification with some family members.


Whom a person who has received refugee status has the right to bring

a) A spouse or partner in a long-term relationship. It is important that the presence of such a partner is declared at the time of the interview to the IND (migration service);

b) A minor or adult child who is a family member. This applies to both biological and adopted children. Residence permit is granted only to the children of the spouse (partner) who move to the Netherlands.

c) Biological father or mother in the case when the person who received the status is not in the status of married / married and has not reached the age of 18.


Additional conditions for reunification

  • The family member must have arrived in the Netherlands with or earlier than the asylum seeker. Otherwise, the interested person is given 3 months to submit the necessary documents. This period is called the “reunification period” and begins on the day after the IND's decision.
  • The person was already a member of the refugee's family at the time of his departure from the country of origin;
  • No criminal record, including removed or canceled;
  • The biological parent of a child moving to the Netherlands must provide their notarized consent;
  • It is necessary to prove family relations with documents, preferably using official documents of the country of origin. In their absence, it is necessary to substantiate the reason for the loss, as well as prove your identity and family relations using unofficial documents.


How can you apply for reunification?

There are two options:

  • A person who has been granted political asylum in the Netherlands can personally submit the necessary documents for examination by the IND;
  • Also, a family member has the right to independently submit an application to the Dutch consulate or embassy located in the country of origin or permanent residence.


IND's decision

A negative decision made for the first time is not final and can be appealed.

If a positive decision is made, a copy will be sent to the person concerned with status in the Netherlands, as well as to the Dutch consulate (representative) at the place of permanent residence of the family member.

After that, a family member is obliged to paste an MVV type visa (temporary residence permit) into his foreign passport within three months, for this it is necessary to contact the consulate of the Netherlands, submit biometric data and provide photographs of the required format.


Registration in the Netherlands and granting asylum to family members

The MVV is valid for 90 days, it is during this period of time that you are moving to the Netherlands.

Within 3 days from the date of arrival, you must contact the IND center located in the city of Ter Apel, you do not need to agree on an appointment in advance.

All necessary procedures at the Ter Apel reception center usually take 4 days. During this time, you must be there, it is recommended to have clothes and toiletries with you.

The current regulation provides for the following activities carried out in this center:

a) verification of identity and biometric data;

b) rapid test for tuberculosis;

c) clarification of the procedure by the Poor Council;

d) registration of you by an employee of the municipality at the place of residence.

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