List of required documents for bringing a family to EU citizens

The basic package of mandatory documents for family members of European Union citizens who want to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands includes the following documents:

  • a copy of the page with personal data and passport validity. If the child is entered in the parent's passport, then a copy of the page with his data is also required;
  • a copy of the EU citizen registration document. Or copies of the front and back sides of a valid residence permit;
  • documents confirming that the EU citizen really works. Or that he has enough income for himself and his partner.

Depending on the situation, this package of documents can be expanded.

  1. If you are a spouse or a registered partner of an EU citizen, you also need to prepare a (legalized) certificate of registration of marriage / partnership with an EU citizen.

Note! If you are already registered as partners in a Dutch municipality, you do not need to submit a marriage / partnership certificate.

  1. If you are an unmarried partner of an EU citizen, you need to prove that you have a long-term relationship. To do this, you must submit the following documents:
  • a document confirming that you have lived together in the Netherlands for at least six months, for example, an extract from the city hall stating that you were registered at the same address;
  • a document confirming that you have lived together abroad for at least six months, for example, registration at the same address in the city hall, a lease agreement, a sale and purchase agreement for a joint house, the presence of a joint bank account (bank statement);
  • birth certificate of a joint child (legalized);
  • an attachment document confirming the relationship with an EU citizen partner. This document is included in the application form for a residence permit. You and your partner must complete and sign this application.
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