For singers and musicians

If you want to work in the arts and culture in the Netherlands, then you will need a residence permit.

What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit?

You or your employer are applying for a combined residence and work permit (GVVA) in the Netherlands. The GVVA consists of a residence permit and an additional document. The additional document states which employer can work and under what conditions. Different conditions apply to persons with EU / EEA or Swiss citizenship and their family members.


There are a number of general conditions that apply to everyone. In addition to these general conditions, the following conditions apply to you and your employer:

  • You will receive sufficient income. The minimum income for the arts and culture professions can be viewed here.
  • Your employer's organization is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (if required by the 2007 Commercial Register Act).

Features of the Law on Employment of Foreign Citizens

These include positions in the dance, classical, opera, musical, theater, drama and cultural seminars sectors.

  • Position in the top segment in the list of functions.
  • The gross monthly salary is established in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for the respective position.


A GVVA is not required if musicians and artists are staying in the Netherlands for a maximum of 6 consecutive weeks for 13 weeks and performing work (as musicians or artists). These people can take advantage of the free term and do not need a residence permit.

Other conditions may apply to Turkish citizens and their family members.


This request costs € 320.

Official foreign documents must be legalized and translated into Dutch, English, French or German.

We will be happy to help you arrange this type of visa. To order this service, fill out the form below.

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