Partner residence permit

Does your partner live abroad and would you like him to move to your place in the Netherlands? Then he will need a residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit involves going through a certain procedure.

Let's look at everything in order.

First, the partner must meet the following conditions:

  1. You and your partner are married, entered into a registered partnership, or have a proven long-term relationship;
  2. You are at least 21 years old;
  3. You are going to live together after obtaining a visa and moving;
  4. A prerequisite is also a stable income level of the inviter.

Secondly, you must meet certain conditions:

  1. You have successfully passed the language integration exam while in your country of residence. There are exceptions when such an examination is not required, information on this is stated on the IND website;
  2. Your partner has Dutch citizenship or residence permit. If he has a temporary residence permit (Au pair, on the basis of cultural exchange or work leave), then he cannot afford to bring his spouse or partner to the Netherlands.

The process of applying for a partner visa is largely dependent on the citizenship of the inviter. The easiest option for obtaining a partner visa is for partners of citizens of the European Union, and the most difficult one is for partners of third-country nationals. Interestingly, the procedure will be slightly different, depending on whether the partner's application is made in accordance with Dutch law or through EU regulations.

Dutch law provides that both married and unmarried partners, including same-sex partners, may be eligible for a partner visa authorization. Unmarried partners will need to prove their relationship (in most cases, a so-called “certificate of unmarried status” is required). It can be obtained in your country of residence and translated and apostilled there. If you were previously married, then you will need to provide a legalized copy of the divorce certificate.

To ensure the strength of your relationship, you will be required to prove the seriousness of your relationship, for example, that you lived together for at least six months before applying.

A non-EU partner may be required to take a Dutch language exam before arriving in the Netherlands. This does not apply to citizens who do not require an MVV visa, for example: nationals of Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Vatican City, Iceland or Switzerland. A detailed list of countries and conditions that you must meet in order not to issue an MVV can be found here.

After filing an application with the IND, it usually takes three to six months before a decision is made, regardless of the basis on which it was filed.

If you want to save time and effort when applying for a partner visa, as well as be sure that everything goes professionally and without risks, contact specialists.

To sign up for a consultation and ask additional questions, you can call: +31 85 54 00 200, +31 650 128 355 or write to our specialists in the chat.

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