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Kindgebonden budget – assistance with child support

The Kindergebondenbudget is a low-income benefit that helps support children under the age of 18.
You can order the service online, it will take no more than 5 minutes.

Conditions for receiving a subsidy:

  • You have a child (or children) under the age of 18;
  • Do you already have a subsidy? child benefits;.
  • You are officially employed;
  • Your assets on January 1, 2023 must not exceed 127 euros. If you have a benefit partner, the total value of your assets must not exceed EUR 582;
  • If persons over 18 years of age are registered with you, they are automatically considered your subsidy partners. In this case, you need to order a “family” subsidy.

Attention! For citizens under temporary protection:

If you are under temporary protection, you must be officially employed in order to apply for the Kindgebonden budget. Otherwise, we will not be able to request a subsidy for you.

To order this service, please fill out the form below.

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