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How did Prinsjesdag go?

This year Prinsjesdag turned out to be exceptional: no carriage, no three cheers in the knight's hall, and indeed without a knight's hall, ...

This year, Prinsjesdag turned out to be exceptional: no carriage, no triple hurray in the knight's hall, and indeed no knight's hall at all, and of course there were masks all around that looked funny, complete with women's traditional hats.

The speech of the king and the cherished suitcase in which Minister Hoekstra brought a document with the government's plans for 2021 remained unchanged. What awaits us next year? Let's talk about the most important things.



The worst economic downturn since World War II is expected this year at 5%, followed by a 3,5% gain next year. This is slightly better than previously expected, thanks in part to an investment from the growth fund Wopke-Wiebes. But if there is a second wave of coronavirus, then this year the recession will be stronger, and next year the economy will worsen even more.

The unemployment rate is expected to be 5,9%, which is 545 people. This year there were about 000 thousand of them.

The purchasing power of the middle class will increase by 0,8% in 2021. But the question is whether the purchasing power estimates will be correct, since they do not include working circumstances. Let's add here the uncertainty due to the pandemic.



As we wrote earlier, plans for 2021 included the abolition of a 2% transfer tax on housing transfers for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 when they first buy their own home.

Social housing tenants will have their monthly bills lowered if they are too high relative to their income. On average, they will pay 40 euros less monthly rent.


Tax plans

Adjustment of deductions for self-employed

It is proposed to accelerate the gradual abolition of the tax benefit (Zelfstandige aftrek) for entrepreneurship. From 01.01.2021/7/030, the tax deduction for individual entrepreneurs, which is currently 360 euros, will be reduced by 250 euros per year (instead of the expected 1 euros per year), and from 2028 January 390 - by XNUMX euros.


Changes in corporate tax rates

The high corporate tax rate remains at 25%, while the low corporate tax rate will change from 16,5% to 15%. It is also proposed to expand the first tax bar, to which from 2021 a low corporate tax rate of 15% will be applied to:

  • – 245 euros in 000 (instead of 2021 euros now),
  • – 395 euros in 000.


Increasing the effective rate to 9% for innovation

By increasing the effective rate from seven to nine percent, the government aims to achieve a balanced taxation of income from innovation in the Netherlands. An increase in the effective rate means that profits earned by innovative companies established in the Netherlands, resulting from innovative activities, are subject to higher taxes than before.


And some green news.

Reduction of the additional tax rate on electric cars with solar panels is planned

The discount will be phased out from 14% to:

  • – 10% for 2020 and 2021,
  • – 6% for 2022, 2023 and 2024,
  • – 5% for 2025 to zero from 01.01.2026/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Currently, a 14% discount and a € 45 cap apply, bringing the 000 discount to a maximum € 2020. In 6, the upper limit, i.e. the portion of the list price to which the discount applies has been reduced to € 300, after which no further adjustment will be made, in contrast to the percentage and maximum amount of the reduction.

Of course, this is only a small part of a huge document. And we are talking only about the plans of the government, which must still be approved in parliament and endorsed by the king.

We will talk about the changes in more detail in the following articles. Subscribe to us on social networks so as not to miss the most important thing.

Publication Date: 16.09.2020


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