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Paying taxes for second job ( cleaning)

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Вопросы и ответыPaying taxes for second job ( cleaning)
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Valeriia 3 года назад

Hello. My name is Valeriia.  I have a permanent part time job. I pay taxes automatically. But I have another job. This is a cleaning. I received 70 Euro for January 2019. I think my income will be 300-400 euro per month in February, March..etc.  When and how should I pay the taxes for my second job? (Cleaning) Thank you in advance.

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0 +1 -1 Админ. 3 года назад

Dear Valeriia, thank you for your question.
In case if you work officially for a cleaning company, your income will be given to the tax authorities. So the only thing you will have to do is turn in the tax declaration (for the 2019 you do that in March 2020). The other important thing to take into account is that if you work for two different companies, you need to inform the second employer that it is the second workplace. This is important because when counting you salary employer takes into account all the tax discounts. And if two employers will do so, on the end you will have to return this money to the tax authorities.
I hope we have fully informed you. If you have more questions, please, don´t hesitate to ask them.
Best regards, team

Дата публикации: 14.02.2019

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