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Change BTW-numbers of private entrepreneurs



The fact that is about to change BTW-numbers for private entrepreneurs We already wrote and now it has begun! Our customers began to receive letters with new numbers.

So, what is in these letters and what to do with the new numbers? What is BTW-id and ob-nummer and how to use them?

Such letters will be received by all private entrepreneurs in the fall of this (2019) year. The letter will indicate two numbers btw-identificatienummer and omzetbelastingnummer. Since 2020, the first of them (btw-id) you will need to use for contacts with customers and business partners, and the second (ob-nummer) will remain for your contacts with the tax.

You will need to indicate BTW-id in your invoices and on the site, replacing it with your old BTW-number.

This is done to increase confidentiality and protect personal data, since earlier the BTW number of a private entrepreneur included the citizen registration number (BSN – burgerservicenummer). The new VAT identification number (BTW-id) is as follows: country code – NL, 9 digits, letter “B” and a 2-digit control number. For example: NL000099998B57.

And your current BTW number will now become your tax number – omzetbelastingnummer (ob-nummer), you will continue to use it when contacting tax authorities, for example, if you write a letter or call the tax.

This tax number is as follows: your citizen registration number with an increase of B01, B02 and so on: 111234567B01.

As you can see, everything is simple. And all this with concern for the protection of your personal data. Good luck in business and do not forget to make changes to the site and to your invoices.

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