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Education refund in tax returns

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Anmol Singla 3 года назад

I am from India and I came to Netherlands in 2017 to start my Master\’s in Civil Engineering Department. I graduated in November 2019 and started working in March 2020. I paid the full tuition fee in the university and as per my knowledge I am entitled to a refund on my education cost. Can you help me file for the refund on that as well?

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0 +1 -1 Админ. 3 года назад

Dear Anmol,

Thank you for contacting our company. To receive a study tax deduction, you must file tax returns for all years in which you paid for your studies. In your case, this is from 2017. In addition, you must meet the criteria for a refund: payment must have been made from an bank account with your name, not the name of your parents, at the time of payment, you were in the Netherlands, not abroad. To continue our conversation please contact us via email

We wish you a nice day. Best regards, team

Дата публикации: 02.04.2021

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