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My Income Tax Return

How do I best fill out my tax return so I make the most of available deductibles? Do I have to submit an Income Tax Return at all, and if yes, which one? And what about deadlines, payments and deferments?


Do I qualify for any benefits? If yes, which ones? How can I apply for them, or how can I modify an earlier application? Do I qualify for Child Benefits or Housing Benefits? How about other benefits for my children such as General Child Benefits, Child Budget and Childcare Benefits

Mortgage Tax Deduction

Are you going to buy an apartment? Or sell one, or remodel? Part of the expenses for your mortgage you can deduct from your income. Do not delay your application, because it reduces your monthly cost for housing.

Tax refund for a Non-Employed partner

Does your partner have employment,  but you do not? You can apply for a partial refund of Income Tax paid by your partner. Starting today!

Difference of opinion with the Tax Authorities?

Do you not agree with a decision from the Tax-office? Do you have trouble paying your taxes in time? Do you think he Tax Authorities have made a mistake? Do you need help filing an objection or you need to pay by installments? But you have no idea to whom to turn to with your problem?

Letters, forms & applications

You are not sure how to fill out a form? You want to apply for something but you’re not sure how, and where? You need to write an important letter, but you are not sure about your Dutch?

We will help you out!

Made-to-measure advice

Complicated issues? Do you want things sorted out? You need professional advice on tax-issues, staying permits, insurances, inheritances, real estate, money transfers and so on? Let sit down and discuss your situation and find the best way forward

Digi-D & BSN-numbers

You need to apply for a Digi-D in order to get access to gouvernmental websites? Or you need a BSN (citizens service number)?

We can do the application for you!

Trial calculations

I only know my bruto hourly wages, but what am I going get net? How much will my yearly income be and how much taxes should I pay? Am I better off working as a ZZP (self-employed without personnel) or should I find employment with steady wages? I’m planning to buy an appartment – how much mortgage tax deduction should I expect to get?

We can calculate all this and more

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