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Registration of Private Enterprise (EMZ) in the Netherlands

If you want to work in the NL as a private entrepreneur (EMZ– eenmanszaak) and be eligible for tax benefits, you may need to register with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce – KvK– KamervanKoophandel. </ span>

If you are not sure whether you should register your company, you can read more about this here or sign up for a consultation with us for a detailed review of your situation and for specific recommendations on registration and taxes.

In this article we will consider the following questions:

  • What should I think about before going to register my business?
  • Do I need to register in the tax?
  • From what date can I register EMZ?
  • How and where to register EMZ?
  • How to choose a company name?
  • At what address can I register a business?
  • Is it possible to register without being a resident of NL?

What you need to think about in advance (what information is needed to register)?

First of all , of course, the name of your company.

Several trade names are allowed. For example, if you plan several activities and several sites for them, respectively. There is no obligation to use your name in the name so that you can quite easily give your future activities different names. But the choice of name should be taken seriously. Then you have to use it on the site, dictate by phone and so on. Try not to come up with too complicated names. Do not use non-Latin characters; they are not recognized by Dutch sites and tax programs.

Secondly , it’s important to understand whether you will work alone or with a companion. If you plan to work alone, then this is EMZ, and if you want to work with a companion, then this is VOF, and this involves a slightly different registration procedure. This is also not difficult, but then both of you will need to come to register with KvK.

Third , it is necessary to determine the types of activity, as this has certain consequences, some of which can become unpleasant surprises. For example, for some activities there is an obligation to pay pension contributions. So, if you are a builder and want to register painting as a type of activity (schilderwerk), you immediately become under an obligation to join their pension fund and pay contributions, so you must choose, for example, klussenbedrijf, and schilderen should already indicate in the description, among other things you do it too. And there are many more such nuances that you need to know. Bakkerij (bakery), for example, is licensed, so it might be worth choosing some other type of activity that also allows you to bake. The KvK website has a list of activities, but one of the selected ones will be the main one and should be the first in your description. And that’s how KvK and the tax will treat you.

If you do not know what is better to choose in your case, we will advise you and, if necessary, help with registration. This will help to avoid unnecessary difficulties.

Well, the last , which phone and e-mail to indicate when registering (do not use anything with the .ru extension) keep in mind that there you will write letters, so if you decide to start a new mail on gmail.com, for example, it will need to be checked. Most likely, immediately after registration they will call you with all sorts of dubious and optional offers, so it makes sense to immediately put your phone number on the site https://www.bel-me-niet.nl. So you can avoid unnecessary stress. If, nevertheless, someone breaks through, be very careful: they will try to sell you something, for example, inclusion in some unknown registry, and inclusion will cost 400 euros.

Remember! Neither KvK nor tax do not call individuals and entrepreneurs! They send letters! A tax can only call a tax consultant, which is why it can be useful to have and indicate it during registration. It is easier for her to communicate with consultants and clarify the situation than to write letters to the entrepreneur himself. Therefore, you can answer all calls: I don’t understand anything, I can’t answer right away, write letters.

You can register your tax consultant in the tax document, then the tax consultant will communicate directly with him.

Nalog.nl may be your tax advisor. Also, if you don’t want to understand the intricacies of the registration procedure and tax obligations, but just want to come to the registration itself, this is also possible, we will be happy to assist you in registering your EMZ. The cost of the service is 80 euros.

From what date can I register EMZ ?

Some KvKs say that this is plus / minus a week from the date you arrived, in some they meet and open back in February, for example, the beginning of January. This makes it possible to write off some of the costs of entrepreneurship, which can only be done from the moment of registration. From that moment, you can make a BTW refund for large purchases.

Costs associated with the opening of the enterprise (consultation, domain registration for the site, etc.) can also be taken into account (you can include everything that you did during the 4 years before the opening) . However, only what you did in connection with the opening of the enterprise is taken into account, and not with the activity itself. That is, if you bought a computer a year ago, this expense cannot be deducted, and if you were in a consultation on opening EMZ, then this is just right.

How and where to register EMZ ?

EMZ is registered at the KvK (KamervanKoophandel) Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. In order to register, you will need to make an appointment in advance by selecting the day and time on the Chamber of Commerce website ( www.kvk.nl ). The Chamber of Commerce has branches throughout Holland and any of them can be selected for registration. For example, those that are most conveniently located in relation to the place of registration of your company and / or your place of residence, if these are different places.

The personal presence of the owner is required when registering EMZ, as well as the presence of a valid identity document (passport, residence permit). You must also have a personal BSN number, that is, be registered in the Netherlands.

The cost of registration in the chamber of commerce is small – only 50 euros.

In addition, you can immediately order a registration statement in the chamber of commerce – uittreksel, which will show all the basic data of your company, your activities, contact details (address, phone, website ) and your personal data (name, address, date of birth). The cost of the statement of registration of the enterprise is 15 euros. This is not necessary, but we recommend having such an extract for future activities.

Where can I check if the chosen company / company name is freely available?

When registering, you will need to indicate the name of your company. It can be anything, the main thing is that another existing company does not already have such a name. Therefore, when you come up with a name, be sure to check to see if it is already on the Dutch company registry.

This can be done on the website of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce – www.kvk.nl . To check if your name is free, simply enter it in the search bar. If no names have appeared, then the name you have chosen is free, and you can safely register a company with that name.

It’s possible that there will be other combinations with the word you have chosen, this is also normal. The main thing is not to be a complete match. Also keep in mind that if you use some well-known / widely used word, it may turn out to be a trademark. This is unfortunately quite common.

At what address can I register a business – EMZ ?

Most often, EMZ is registered at the place of residence / registration of the owner. But what if you are registered in a rented apartment or rent an office for your business and want to register EMZ there? Usually, when registering at the place of residence there are no questions at all. Nevertheless, of course, it is better to notify the landlord of your intention and coordinate it with him (sometimes the obligation to notify the landlord may be specified in the lease agreement, then this is not necessary).

If you entered the apartment for half a year, or if a lot of people are registered at the same address, and everyone already has their registered EMZ, you may need toestemming and a rental agreement.

If you want to register your EMZ not in the place where you live, but in another place, then a lease agreement and permission (toesteming) are required.

All letters from the tax and other authorities will be sent to the registration address of the company and it is important not to lose them. Therefore, if you will move, you must notify the chamber of commerce and the tax and how to re-register your company to a new address.

If you decide to register your company, but you find the procedure difficult or you are unsure of your Dutch or English, we will be happy to help you do this. You just have to come to a meeting with a document proving your identity, the rest we will do for you.

If you still have questions about registering EMZ in the Netherlands, or have any other questions related to Dutch tax laws, do not hesitate to contact us by writing a letter to [email protected] . You can also ask your question on the site: ask a question

Can I register without living in the NL?

If you are an EU citizen (you have a passport of one of the EU countries), then yes, you can do this, under certain conditions. For example, you need a legal address in the NL. Our company can also help with this. As well as giving detailed advice on registration conditions, especially reporting and working in NL. You can ask questions and make an appointment by e-mail [email protected]

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