Start your own business

You have decided to start your own business. We show you how to go through the formalities, what things you need to consider.

Annual figures

We compile you annual figures, fill out your Income Tax Return and submit it to the Tax Authorities. And we will keep an eye on the changes in in Laws and Tax-regulations that are relevant to your business.

Changing companies legal structure and address

Has your sole Proprietorship taken flight and it is time to change to a Company Limited – we can help with advice and the best way forward. Or you are going take a partner into your business and start a partnership (VoF in Dutch). We know how and what things to take into consideration. Changing your address or other things in the Chamber of Commerce – we’ll take it off your hands

Letters, applications and forms

Forms that need filling out, but what is the best way? You need to apply for benefits, but how and where? Or an important letters needs te be drafted and sent, but how to formulate it more precisely – we can help!

Objections and protests

You have a problem with the Tax Office or you do not agree with a decision taken by them? You suspect that they have made a miscalculation. Need help writing an objection or apply for a postponement of payment, or a pay by installments. No idea how to make it happen?

VAT Administration

Leave your whole VAT-administration to us? Yes, you can! We will do the numbers and submit the declaration for you. Per month, per quarter or per year. Leave it to us, because unlike you, we love this kind of work. So you can concentrate on your clients and growing your business.

Postpone your tax payments, pay by installments

Apply for a postponement for your tax payments or ask the Tax Office to pay by installments. We can draft the required correspondence for you.

Legal support

Are you not quite sure whether you should sign this contract with a client or supplier – submit it to us for advice. Need a standard contract for a transaction, but you can’t find one that fits the situation. Contact us.

Service Subscription Plan

You can leave your administration to us. Almost entirely. Get yourself a services subscription  with us and we will take care of part, or most of the work. We have service subscription plans for small and large sole proprietorships and for any budget.
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