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Are Dutch municipalities rich?

The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics has published a report on the assets and liabilities of the country's municipalities (gemeente). The size of the municipality's equity capital was determined as the difference...

The Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics published report on assets and liabilities of municipalities (gemeente) countries. The size of the municipality's equity capital was determined as the difference between assets (real estate, land, investments, etc.) and liabilities (debts). It turned out that on average in the Netherlands, municipal assets are 5666 euros per inhabitant, and debts are 3412 euros (all figures given in the article refer to the end of 2022, more recent data have not yet been processed). Regional disparities remain clear in the Bureau of Statistics report. Thus, in the richest municipality there are 9064 euros of municipal property per resident, and in the poorest - only 129 euros.

The total capital of Dutch municipalities at the end of 2022 amounted to almost 39,7 billion euros, an average of 2254 euros per resident of the country.

Amsterdam is the richest, with its wealth based on a large amount of valuable real estate and participation in companies such as Schiphol Airport, Alliander and Johan Cruyff ArenA, which generate high profits. In this municipality, there are 9064 euros of municipal property per inhabitant. The next richest municipality is Brielle, 6468 euros per capita. Rozendaal closes the top three - 5900 euros per person. The poorest municipality is Vlissingen: if you divide its assets by population, each resident will get only 129 euros. Rotterdam, which also has a stake in Schiphol, the network operator Stedin and the port authority, was not included in the top three: for each resident of this municipality it accounts for 4294 euros. Utrecht and Den Haag have accumulated 2254 euros per inhabitant.

There are 344 municipalities in the Netherlands: in 28 of them municipal assets exceed 3000 euros per resident, in 54 municipalities assets are below 1000 euros per resident.

Surprising but true! Small municipalities can be relatively rich. For example, Rozendaal took an honorable third place in terms of wealth per capita. In the municipalities of Waddeneilanden Vlieland, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, municipal wealth also exceeds the national average.

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Publication Date: 15.05.2024


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