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Children's vaccination schedule in the Netherlands

There have been so many controversies over the past two and a half years about vaccination, so many experts have appeared and sunk into oblivion, so many supporters and ...

There have been so many disputes over the past two and a half years about vaccination, so many experts have appeared and sunk into oblivion, so many supporters and opponents of this case. You can discuss and choose words for a long time, but one thing remains a fact: no one canceled childhood vaccinations. And if parents refuse to vaccinate a child, this is their choice, responsibility and risks.

Children around the world are being vaccinated against infectious diseases. To this end, vaccination schedules have been drawn up in all countries, and in general they are the same. Immunization schedules for other countries can be found on the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) and WHO (WHO - World Health Organization) websites.

The Netherlands is known to have very disciplined citizens who trust their medicine and the quality of their vaccines. Therefore, children's vaccination is going according to plan, without any outbursts of discussion. And, of course, when coming here, it would be nice to know how the vaccination schedule for children in the Netherlands correlates with the vaccination schedule for children in Ukraine. Because when a child is enrolled in a school or kindergarten, they may ask you for a vaccination card and offer to do some kind of vaccinations planned for the Netherlands.

Immunization schedule in Ukraine

It is published on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and is well known to any mother. The first year and a half - active vaccination of the child. Further - revaccination, up to 16 years.

Vaccination schedule in the Netherlands

Why is the Dutch vaccination schedule different from other countries?

In the Netherlands, the vaccination schedule is part of National Immunization Program and was compiled on the basis of the following principles:

• Vaccinations are given at an age when they provide optimal protection.
• The time between shots of the same vaccine is such that protection remains optimal, including between shots.
• Vaccinations that can be given at the same time have been combined as much as possible to keep the number of vaccinations and injection moments to a minimum.
• No more than two shots at a time. The immune system can cope with a large number of injections, but at the same time, injecting a child more often is not good for the child's body and psyche.
• Commitment to long-term protection.
• The schedule is suitable for all children.

The goal is always to protect children as much as possible from dangerous infectious diseases. And, of course, vaccination schedules in different countries depend on the prevailing infectious diseases, public health organization, available resources, and the history of vaccination programs.

If it so happens that your baby has just been vaccinated in Ukraine and is scheduled to receive another injection in the Netherlands, then contact your family doctor with information on how and when your child was vaccinated. No one will stab him again. A compromise will definitely be found.

Publication Date: 13.04.2022



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