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New VAT returns for 2022

New VAT returns in 2022 In April, we are preparing quarterly VAT returns (BTW-aangifte). But you have to submit...

New VAT returns for 2022

In April we prepare quarterly VAT reports (BTW-aangifte). But they will have to be presented in a new way. The old Entrepreneur Portal is no longer available, and instead offers three alternative ways to report:

  1. through dedicated Software according to the standard for providing financial information to the government - Standard Business Reporting (SBR);
  2. via tax consultant – for example, through the company Nalog.nl (for more information, see the section "VAT reporting" on our website);
  3. through the new business portal Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk.

Why is it necessary to act quickly?

To enter Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk you will need DigiD or eHerkenning security level 3 (eH3). If you haven't requested eHerkenning yet, do so now! Also, you will not be able to file tax and accounting reports if you have eHerkenning with an insufficient security level (eH1 or eH2). In this case, you should urgently request a security upgrade.

Note! Applying for eHerkenning takes a few business days. And since there are a lot of applications being processed, it takes more time.

Way out:

If you need eHerkenning, please contact us for help! More about the service - here.

What to do if you do not have time to submit reports in a new way?

Important! If you filed too late and can't access eHerkenning in time to file your return, your best bet is to call the tax office on 0800 0543.

In this case, you will receive, as an exception (only for the report for the first quarter of 2022), access to the old portal of entrepreneurs. Within 10 days after the phone call, you will receive an email confirming temporary access. The letter will also contain recommendations on how to switch to new ways of submitting VAT reports.

And remember: if self-submission of a VAT report causes difficulties for you, do not waste time in vain - Nalog.nl specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance!

Publication Date: 12.04.2022



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