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STAP budget for continuing education

We continue to talk about the bills that are scheduled to enter into force in 2022. About reimbursement of employee expenses at a remote ...

We continue to talk about the bills that are scheduled to enter into force in 2022. Read about reimbursement of employee expenses for remote work. here.

From 2022, anyone wishing to climb the career ladder will be able to request a STAP (subsidieregeling stimulering arbeidsmarktpositie) budget. The new subsidy will improve the position of the employee in the labor market. Both those already employed and unemployed will be able to use STAP.

STEP replaces the tuition tax deduction

As of January 1, 2022, it will not be possible to request a refund for education expenses on the 2022 tax return. The current tax deduction for these expenses will be canceled. It will be replaced by STAP. The fact is that this tuition deduction was little used by those to whom it was especially beneficial, namely, office clerks and salespeople. The government hopes that STAP will allow them to more quickly decide on retraining or advanced training. And this, in turn, will help reduce the risk of unemployment.


How much can I ask for?

The STAP budget is 1000 euros (including VAT) per person. It can be used for any kind of continuing education or training: courses and trainings, including appropriate training materials and protective equipment, if necessary. If the cost of training exceeds 1 euros, the additional costs are paid independently.


When and where will it be requested?

From December 1, 2021, the test period for requesting a subsidy begins. From March 1, 2022, anyone will be able to apply for money. The budget allocated for training is capped at 36,1 million euros.

You can request a STAP budget on the website Insurance agencies employees (UWV). The application will need to be completed before the start of the training. After approval, UWV will transfer the full amount to the account of the organizers of the training (course). You will be able to use STAP only once a year.


How to choose a course or training

Education Executive Agency (DUO) operates above the register types of education, courses and training that qualify for the subsidy. This means that STAP can only be requested for courses approved by the DUO.


What are the benefits for employers?

The STAP budget makes it easy for employees to improve their skills. First of all, it improves the qualifications of the employee, helps him to retrain. Finding a person for an open position can be very difficult, but now it will be possible to grow him up by advising him to use STAP.




Publication Date: 21.09.2021

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