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Private individuals

Do you need advice on taxes and your benefit entitlements in The Netherlands?

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Have you decided to start your own business? We can help with starting up your own company, the VAT, and the tax declarations

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Private/Public Limited Companies

Our complete spectrum of services for your company, in compliance with all the administrative and tax regulations

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Highly skilled migrants and Expats

Your staying permit, your tax rulings, your taxes - we take care of it.

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Who are – is a Russian-speaking company, specialized in tax regulations in The Netherlands. Our main focus is on clients from Eastern Europe, but also have many Dutch and International companies in our clientele, who have businesses or business interests in Eastern Europe.

We specialize in tax optimisation strategies, advizing entrepreneurs, information and advice in a wide range of financial matters. Also we support expats and highly skilled migrants and others during the application for staying permits. We are specialists in solving issues with all kind of state organizations, but first and foremost with the Tax Authorities.It doesn’t matter if you need one-off personal advice, help filling out forms, applying for benefits, submitting your tax declarations, help sorting out a complicated issue, or you want permanent monitoring of your administration, you can count on us to give you the right advice if and when you need it.

You can trust us to find the most advantageous way to solve the matter at hand and will even answer on questions you hadn’t formulated yet. Because we understand how the system works, we understand the difference in mentality, and last but not least – we love our job! Our individual approach, highly professional work ethic, but also our empathy are the basis for our good reputation, which we have carefully built over the last years. We have started our company in 2010 and since then our team of specialists have gotten innumerable tax-refunds for our clients, we have won over 80% of objections to the Tax Office and saved our clients millions in taxes to be paid. Leave your paperwork to those who know and love it. Read the reviews of our clients and give us a call. We work Monday to Friday from 10.00-18.00 hours and you can reach us by email at [email protected] B. V.

Would you like to meet us face-to-face? Would you like to find out more about us or have questions of a confidential nature?  Give us a call to make an appointment or click on the link below.

We work on-line!

We make doing your taxes easy! You no longer have to take your administration to our tax-advisor, or take the day off at work to do so. Nor do you have to wait for your turn. You can order any of our services online. Consultations with our tax consultant can be done through Skype or Whatsapp, and we have webinars you can join online. You can make your payments and receive copies of declarations we filed on your behalf the digital way. In case you and your computer are not the best of friends - we can just as easily do all of the above the traditional way. Send your administration by mail and call us on the phone. We work whichever way is comfortable for you. Of course we are always happy to see you at our office in Nieuwegein, but please make an appointment beforehand. Internet technology, however, saves our time as well as your own, and saved time means saved money. So please pay attention to the fact that all online services are cheaper and quality of our services is guaranteed all the same.

Client Card

We need to know a bit about you and your circumstances in order to file your tax-declaration, to apply for benefits and to talk to the tax-office on your behalf. For that we need your information and your permission. If you are a new client, we kindly ask you to go to the Download page and fill out the Client Card. In case you are in doubt whether your answers are correct, please describe the details of your situation on the comments section on the form. In case you are an existing client, but your circumstances have changed, please also fill out a new Client Card that reflects the changes. Also: do not forget to attach a copy of your identity-papers (passport, Dutch staying permit, Dutch driving license)

Pricing and payments

After confirming your order, you will receive an invoice from us, which can be paid by internet-banking or by normal bank transfer. In case you are attending a seminar, or you visit us at the office, you can also pay in cash if you so desire. If you are a private individual but our invoice will be paid by your company or your employer, pls just enter those details on the Client Card and we will issue an invoice accordingly. We work with a very practical system of subscriptions, through which you can receive qualified advice on tax optimalisation, assistance with tax issues and financial analysis of your situation, without being confronted with unpleasant unexpected bills. You can pay for your subscription online through our site or by PayPal.


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