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[email protected] +31(0) 85 54 00 200 (06) 50 128 355

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Private individuals

Contact us with all your questions about taxes and subsidies in the Netherlands



Help in opening; maintaining your administration, filing VAT reports, tax returns


Legal entities

Full service of your company according to all administrative and tax requirements


Emigrants and immigrants

Residence permit, administrative support for new arrivals


Important topics

We are experts in advanced technology.

(More automation = less price)

Online administration

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check the status of readiness of your documents.


Digital Documents

You load receipts and bills - we do the rest. This is fast and simple


Accounting Automation

You save time and money, and minimize the risk of making mistakes.


The end of your problem number 1 has come! No more endless receipts!

It took some time, but the tax authorities finally agreed to digitize receipts and bills. And this, in turn, means a breakthrough for online accounting.

As soon as you transfer the bookkeeping to us, you can easily photograph receipts on your smartphone and send them directly to your administration in PDF format. In most cases, they will be automatically processed by the program and generated in a report. On the right you can see how simple this process is.

Who are we?

Nalog.nl is a Russian-language company specializing in taxation in the Netherlands. We are focused on clients of the East European block. As well as Dutch and international companies doing business or having other interests in Eastern Europe.

Our specialization is tax optimization, support of entrepreneurship, information and educational activities, support for expats, assistance in paperwork and resolving disputes with official authorities, primarily tax. Regardless of whether you need a one-time private consultation, assistance in filling out a declaration or requesting subsidies, long-term cooperation to resolve a problem situation, or ongoing support of your administration, you can expect to receive the necessary assistance in full.

We will show you the most profitable solution and answer even unasked questions. Because we know how the system works, we understand the difference in mentality and we just like our work. An individual approach, high professionalism and indifference have created for us the image that we value. Having started its activities in 2010, our team of specialists has already returned to customers more than 1,500,000 paid taxes, won more than 80% of the submitted protests, and it is simply impossible to estimate the amount of saved (unpaid) taxes. Do not think more about reports and declarations! Leave the paper work to those who know and love it. Read our customer reviews and come to us! We work on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00, and also provide online services. Write to [email protected] We will be glad to see you among our customers!

Nalog.nl B. V.

By prior arrangement, you can visit our office. If you want to receive a personal consultation, find out
how we work or if you have any questions that can only be solved in person.

Request a meeting

Ordering a service from us is very simple! You no longer need to go to a consultant with a lot of
papers, ask for leave from work, wait for your turn etc. Any service can be ordered online! Now we
also offer online consultations via Skype and WhatsApp, as well as online seminars!

Also, you can make payments and get copies of reports for all the work done without the need for a personal
meeting. You don’t get along with the computer very well? It’s not a problem, call us, send the
documents by mail, any option will do. Of course, we are always happy to see you in our office, but in
this case we need to arrange an appointment in advance. Using internet technologies will save your
and our time, and therefore money. Please note that any online service is cheaper while the same
high level of quality is guaranteed.

In order for us to provide you with services for filling in declarations, requesting subsidies,
communicating on your behalf with the tax office etc. we need your information and your consent. If
you are a new customer, please fill in the Client card on the Client card page (Account – Client card). If
you have doubts whether the answer is correct, describe your situation in the comments field. If you
have already contacted us before, check if there have been any changes in your data or in your
marital status since the last time you contacted us. If there were any, then download the Client card
and fill it in again. ! Do not forget to attach a copy of your identification document (passport,
residence card or Dutch drivers license) to your Client card.

After having placed your order you will receive an invoice that you can pay via internet banking or
directly at the bank. If you, for example, make an appointment for a personal consultation or
attending a seminar, you can also pay the invoice in cash at the meeting. If you are a private person,
but a company will pay for you, then simply indicate the details of the payer in the order form and
we will issue an invoice for the company. A convenient subscription system will allow you to get
qualified assistance at any time in optimizing taxes, financial analysis of your situation, resolving

disputes with the tax office, timely changes to calculations etc., without expecting any additional
expenses. The subscription can be paid for through the payment system on our website, using

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